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I’m Chase Cook, the creator of After The Kill. I grew up having a strong passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking.

I came up with After The Kill during one of my archery elk hunts in Utah. I was chasing bulls all month, hiking up and down the mountain. After a long hunt, I finally was able to punch my tag with a bull of a lifetime. When I finally got to him, I was starving at this point. I already went through all my food in my pack for that day. It would have been nice to build a fire at this point to cook some of the meat, but I knew that it was going to be a long night to get this meat off the mountain. Once I got home, I kept replaying this experience in my head. What could have changed? Is there something out there that can cook right on the spot with little effort involved? I soon realized there wasn’t anything out there. So one thing led to another and After The Kill was created.

Our portable flameless ovens are created to enhance your hunting and fishing experience and designed to celebrate your success. We sell products that we love and that we are proud of. We look forward to sharing them with you!

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